Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Fins In

Heaps of new fins in stock just in case you're still using them after reading that Derek Hynd article in the Surfers Journal...

7.5" L-Flex
8.5" L-Flex
9.0" L-Flex
9.0" L-Flex B

7'0" Greenough Stage4A
8'0" Greenough Stage 4A
9.0" Greenough Stage 4A
10" Greeough Stage 4A
9.5" Greenough Stage 4C

10" Velzy Classic
10" Velzy Noserider

9.5" Nat Young

4.0" Small Box
4.5" Small Box
5.0" Small Box
5.5" Small Box

6'0" Wayne Rich Power
6.5" Wayne Rich Power
7.5 Wayne Rich Power

6.0" Bonzer
6.5" Bonzer

6.5" Skip Frye
7.5" Skip Frye
8.5" Skip Frye
9.25" Skip Frye


love2glide said...

The DH article was pretty cool. Brought back memories of grommethood, when a buddy had a old 8'6" with no fin. Way fun and plenty of laughs.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

nice! edge control or else...