Friday, January 11, 2008

New Ramp!

The Grom stopped by on Friday with a
new ramp for the shop so ya'll gots to come
by and shred! The streets were wet but we
decided to skate anyways after seeing this
wicked rainy day Mark Gonzales video
on YouTube:


Mollusk Muscle JB

After school Grom special

Go for it Grom!

Shady as a Hollahide

Indoor sesh set-up, just watch the
dvd cabinet

Bless steps the shorey

Outdoor sesh part 2 (nitetime version)
JB grabs one before hitting the beer

Grom demo cam


Hanel quads and eggy singles Monday!


JAH said...

that was fun.
summertime watch out!!!

Jay said...
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Jay said...

Thanks for the Gonz vid, shot in Chinatown. Here's a stylin one back at you. Levi Brown

nathaniel russell said...

somebody needs to lay down a roast beef grab asap.