Friday, January 25, 2008

Crucial Chaos

Satellite series in the hour of Dressing Room chaos! Respect to everyone who reached last nite in the freezing cold, was a great night for snuggling. Strictly long-players early on due to only one working turntable, followed by flying needles and Dubstar dodging electric shock while dressed as the 6th Beatle (Geppy's the 5th). Deebow behind the bar engaged in pretty lady conversation, ignoring drink requests and verbally abusing the DJ's while plying them with drinks....Wicked ago feelin it today!

KLM Brothers in Darkness/Sons of Light...

Shady taking his dance moves to the street...

Next movie nite is February 6th at ROPE Bar, 415 Myrtle Ave in Fort Greene Brooklyn.

A Hull-oriented Fineline order should be here in a few weeks. Stone cold fascist ones like the Micro-Dirt to more user-friendly ones like the Micro-Ant. Speaking of user-friendly hulls, Mr. Andreini is currently mowing our next batch which should be at the Haut shop sometime late next week for lamination. He's making a run of Vaqueros starting at 6'0" and ending at 8'10"...a little something-something for everyone.

m o l l u s k
2 1 0 k e n t a v e
b k, n y 1 1 2 1 1
7 1 8 2 1 8 7 4 5 6


Toddy said...

What a night.
Sorry I had to leave early.
Our own brand of journalism will be up on the blog soon.
But thanks for show.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

werd son sonny, angus left his helmet on the bar! or was that yours?

Toddy said...

Heh, do you still have that thing or has it been appropriated?

The official Endless Bummer slide show of that event is now posted over in the joint. Can't say it will do anyone much good though.