Thursday, June 5, 2008


Wicked and crucial ROPE-throwing sesh last nite! RESPECT to the East New York HB crew holding it down pre-white people, Frenchy Frank Moe (sporting a yellow Jealous Again tee!) and Surfer Matt hooking up the 'Nas. Opened with Moondog's "Surf Session" and ended with Sir Richard Bishop's "Space Prophet Dogon." (Rad Sun City trax on the Mr. Lonely soundtrack)

Can you believe its been a week since the Law and Order duo played? I still can't.

Jay Boychic Nelson of 'Shipwreck' and 'Mountain' Mollusk tee fame is back in NYC gettin' studddddious for Summer. He came by yesterday to review the history of wax. Hippy Johnny reppin' in spirit...

Sign of the times, Doug Frenchy and 5'10" CC keel. Interesting single foil higher aspect Geppy keels on this one. Shred it well!

Yes Ma'ms, the sign is (finally) going up! Jeff Canham painted it and will be in town tomorrow nite for the Association of California Surfing Studs Annual Banquet to be held at the Shop, 8pm.


A full run of XCEL 3/2's just came in for men and women. Keep it sexy in the shorey...the booties are off, feel your board again!

(((((Weird 16 second intervals are being reported not far from here. Southern hemis in the area???))))))

(Mr. Canham, Ando Davis and Pickles Warren tomorrow nite at the Shop. Streetside Q, cupped beverage service and surfy projections from the dvd library. Meet-n-greet real life California shredders)))