Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bemused Fatigue

Things cooled off a bit today, it's only 86. Summer Rain came across this during a recent reverse-rodeo round-up sesh...

Been talkin'bout holding some clinics this summer, the proper way to apply sunscreen, sport a camo-leash or how 'abstract expressionists need to feel bad about themselves.' Bubbie dropped an impromptu waxjob clinic this afternoon with his new CC glider as guinea which he later rode with a red fin and red matching Molluskine proto-trunx somewhere on the south shore of Long Island? Hay Spacone!

UK Mikey R's J.Hall LFS pre-box, air and customs. Mikey's quiver is becoming one of the finest in all of Europe. Keepin' it HB in the Old World.

Just off the Swift truck, BOOYAHA!

5'1" Casper shaped by Mr. Joe Bauguess as part of the Hydrodynamica test-pilot series.

5'5" Magic Carpet by Larry Mabile for Swift. A collab between RK Gloomenthal and Mr. Mabile and quite possibly more foiled than Dub's 5'5" Lis. For serious shredders!

6'0" Andrew Kidman diamond tail from Swift, designed by AK and shaped by Larry Mabile. Shortboardie rocker, rail and foil just in case you cared about shredding.

Speaking of AK, Mr. Kidman hand-shaped these two lovely fish for a couple of friends in Japan. Paging Dr. Diknamwer...


Franco S. Boroughs said...

look at junior hueys gonna like that one

Cornielus Blackpool said...

Das mackencracker is movin some sledz yo.

i told you the switch to boys size medium tighty whiteys would do the trick.

asmith said...

12" pin to pin Kidman. parallel and proud! Roots!

Shipworm&Gribble said...

rollin with scottish rheingold, hey mr. biz u can't dress like me...polyester in summer.