Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eat a Burger

101 degrees inna BKtown today! Hazy hot and humid, summer of love styles...

Brody and Fineline egg. Mad singles in the shorey!

Rat Pat and sign-associate finalizing the Canham. Look for it thru the trees..

Been having problems with construction workers parking in front of the shop and taking up valuable board buying spaces. Not no mo', Bubbie Ha hadda regulate...

Afternoon HB sesh:

9'5" Fineline NEWT out the doh son...

Hulk Hogan's nephew Tim and 9'5" Fineline Avenger. A fine complement to that hully thang he had restored.

Trent figured he needed a 5'10" JHall keel since he already had a Skip Frye. HB Respect!

Jake Zed and 6'9" Long Fish Simmons. BBQ biceps, please don't ride me in Rocco!

(Josh Halls not featured: 7'1" Long Fish Simmons $old to UK Mikey R! and a 7'4" LFS kustom for Beautiful Loser Ari Macropoulos)

Still holding it down in haus:
8'1" Fish Simmons w/Daniel Partch fins


Couple of Christenson's too!
A super-sexy 5'8" CC keel w/glass on Geppys...

9'7"x 23 1/4" x 3 1/8" CC Tom Sawyer Swiss model w/glass on Huck Fin

11' CC Gilder w/signed Geppys!


Bitchin times Friday nite at the Convention of Californians. The nite began with a screening of Beyond Blazing Boards followed by Rock and Roll Windansea and concluded with Mean Streets. Luckily no one was gunned down at the foot of the Willy B.

Pickles and Bubz

Japanese possee reppin'

Thruster Justin caught with a cone

BVD and AA Gaggins on Q-duty. Good lookin' ya'll!

Bubz and Charly Smith

Dr. Alimantado's got nuthin' on Everard!

KLM and smiling Germans

Wolfy the Elder and friends

Brandy, Tearrrrrance et al

Jefro's new lady


Unfortunately this is the only pic of Ando (and it's blurry) and no pix of Mr. Jeff Canham! That's Fritz ChessssssssNut to Ando's left, a rad painter and style-master formerly of Santa Barbara.

Thanks again for everyone's ongoing stoke and support. Our bodies wouldn't be as hard without ya!


pushingtide said...

Great sign and fishy Christensons!

Shipworm&Gribble said...

Big Dog Respect to Jeff Canham!

Sebastien said...

that cross is sooooo norwegian black metal!!!!

Franco S. Boroughs said...

live by the sword die by the do'

fmboros aint runnin no mo'

Ryan said...

lovin the shop-home improvements.

jmaxh said...

Any idea about the width of that gorgeous Fineline? Love it!

bubbie said...

Which one jmaxh? The dark eggplant avenger? I think it's 22.5 or 22.25

jmaxh said...

Yes the avenger - so sweet - dude's got taste! Amazing fin too. Would they make one 23" wide if it ere 9'6" - 9'8"? Thanks.

Factory Surfin said...

The Christenson's look nice. I saw them on