Friday, July 20, 2007

Lunar Litmus Projection

Monday July 30th 8:30pm at Mollusk
(corner of Metropolitan Ave and River Street in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn)

Andrew Kidman's 1996 underground classic inspired a generation of retro-soul cool while maintaining a gritty high performance edge and honest reverance for all things young and old. Shot on video, at times dark and moody the film explores the spiritual, pretentious, hallucinatory, and epic. Often considered one of the best surf movies of all time. With Wayne Lynch, Tom Curren, Mark Occhilupo, Derek Hynd, Joel Fitzgerald and Miki Dora. Music by The Val Dusty Experiment, Galaxie 500, Yothu Yindi, the Screaming Orphans and more. Animation by Mark Sutherland.

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Toddy said...

Sheesh that was a fun night tonight. the film was fun, sure, but then we moved on up to Zebulon for a little Himalayas marching banc and oh boy! they were tits!

You have got to send people to Zebulon after your screenings!