Monday, November 8, 2010

Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

New volume of the Ruff Ryder street workout series being filmed on the S.P.R. property. For those not familiar with the double R workout, it involves  utilizing objects found in urban areas for workout equipment. This so happens to be the Williamsberg edition,  looking fly while you're working out. How chic?
A combination of a yoga position and a pull up...

Atlantis tired of using righty scissors, revenging with some beautifully formed lefts this weekend...

... early bird got the worm, no crowds, cover-ups, and pitching lips...

some distant beachies saw the reverse of a right coast super bank... makeable?

... and don't forget, Mr. Art Brewer will be in the Mollusk house Tuesday night, spending some QT signing books, talking story, and enjoying some suds. 6:00 pm rendezvous onwards into the evening. Surfy projections shown. Tell a friend, bring a friend! 

...images courtesy of A.B. from TSJ's Masters of Photography. Copies in stock.

... see you on the flip.

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