Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Honestly never felt this seminal 90's flick 5'5'' x 19 1/4'' got enough credit for how important it was in it's day. A debouched take on alternative surf crafts in a time when Slater's glass slipper reigned supreme. The flick caps off with a rare peak into the shaping bay with Tom Curren at the helm in George Greenough's compound as Greenough lurks in the background and provides input into the shaping process. Curren ends up shaving a mohawk into his head and drives the board through Gold Coast pits. Know your roots!

...Petro will be stopping by Wednesday afternoon with ding repair drop offs and pick up. The horizon looks promising!

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decembersnowskates said...

Great post!!!...curren's piece is the best...music, cuttaway fins, templates, and best barrel stance