Monday, July 7, 2008

Constant Displacement

Hope ya'll kept it HB over the holiday weekend. How's this production still from Hard Body: The Movie? Pumpin'up before his take.

Wayne Rogers, 1999 (Twisted Village)

Zeke and his 8'1" Josh Hall, ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhHA!

NEW Faktion twin keel w/glass on Geppys. Hand-shaped in New York by Mark Petrocelli and glassed by NY Legend Eddie Fawess. Seeeeek!

Malibu Charlie debuted his new short DOCTOR FAMILY BLOOD SURF last nite at the Shop. Features found footy shot by his Grandpa of Laguna, Killer Dana and LA County surgery. Skimboarding, matt-surfing, avant-everything! NFC steez...

6'1" Daniel Thompson Flying Fish w/glass on Geppy-3's, shaped by Larry Mabile for SWIFT

FM dealer pinching the 6'9" Bob Mitzven long fish w/glass on Geppys for SWIFT

Local playboy Bubbie-HA w/international playboy Rip-Son!

6'4" Gary Hanel bonzer 5-kine super shredder w/Moonlight glass

6'6" Gary Hanel bonzer-5 eggy thang w/Moonlight glass

This thing works! For reals HA!


asmith said...
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asmith said...

Malibu Charlie needs to share his footage.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

look for it in the nysurffilm festival late september. shit is dope son!

Cornielus Blackpool said...

Those are the most masculine jeans i have ever seen. so hot!

Anonymous said...

can homeboy pose any fagtastic with his new j hall?

toddy said...

smallish shout out on the EbNY blog
plus the capturing of that photo finish with CGentile and co.