Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vitreous Humor

Random visit from NC's BowerBirds turned into an instore performance. Shady Hollahide was spotted in the crowd.

Yet another shredder trading in his 6'3" thruster for something single. AKDee steez, what up HA!? Free Hula Hoop with every board purchase!

Tony Farmer brought this buy for Casino repair, part pin part swallow.

Zak from Ex-Models came upon this wall during a recent trip to SF. HB fame courtesy of Alberto...or was it Enrique? HBRESPECT!

Keepin IT Physical*
Dual fin down railed displaced Caspers in transit from the House of Reuben. Vaqueros des Andreinis have been released from the Haut shop and are also making their way x-country. Serious funboards in haus next week, wipe that smile off ya face!


seamouse said...

Pin-swallow sickness!!
Totally double hard body!


hard body famous,, in my own backyard. What up ha?

Mr. Notime said...

I honestly need to know more about this transgender vehicle

Deepism said...

The Pin Swallow is a cousin to this. The scientists on Plum Island are madmen, and apparently like to surf.

toddy said...

I keep telling folks, I was just sleeping one off!

Deepism said...

And look at all those colors! I stepped into Molly the other day and was blown away by all of colored decks! Beeeaaauuuutaaaayyyy!

Franco S. Boroughs said...