Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Floaters of Tone

New HANELS and SWIFTS!.....and lots of other goodies to battle the weekend with. Couple quick pix for ya'll, more in the arvo...

Malibu Charly expounding various 'down south' philosophies

Here's a 6'0" HANEL speed egg lokbox quad. Huevo features for paddling but with a shredder set-up in the rear. Walk the line Johnny

6'2" HANEL d-bump quad fish w/lokbox

This guy called his bro-in-law in Santa Cruz before purchasing the 6'2" Mabile keel. Don't underestimate the power of the law, I know FM wouldn't.

Jersey-boy modeling school in-store action.

-6'4" 5-fin bonzer-kine hi-performance shred stick
-6'6" 5'-fin bonzer-kine egg
-6'6" speed egg quad ($OLD to Brian Shee)
-7'0" speed egg quad
-9'2" log w/fin box ($OLD to the 12:14 couple)

-6'1" Daniel Thompson flying fish. Chicken would go!
-6'5" Bob Mitzven twin keel w/glass on Geppys
-6'9" Bob Mitzven long fish w/glass on Geppys ($OLD to BMWSUVMAN)


Adam said...

Yo Mikey Dora, I didn't see the mitzen the other day. You think it'll fit in my T-top?

Shipworm&Gribble said...

Mr. A. Camaro, the 6'5" root beer Mitzven w/glass on Geppys will fit perfectly and look lovely

moon mom said...

Hope you saved some space
for the 4 new Campbell Bros.
Bonzers landing
in New York this week.