Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Twenty Two Vets

George Greenough's 1968 classic Inner Most Limits of Pure Fun has been re-issued on DVD and they're here. Booyah!

6'6" Fineline Michael Peterson displacement hull-shredder

7'6" Fineline Egg ($OLD to Heather!)

8'0" Fineline Egg ($OLD to Alexander Bill!)

9'9" Fineline Super B w/tail block, volan and fin box. Amazing craftsmenship from HB Hilbers on this one. maHAlo canoga! ($OLD to Fynn!)

FM Boros good looks, book and camo-leash

Sutphin and Archer Mets fans, SJ Walsh and Joe Cups. Btw, where's Mikey Singles?

gettin' nasty on the Nic


Clams said...

Thats Joe Cups not Mike Cups

Joe Cups said...

haha, I saw that and thought it was a reference to my dirty irish ancestory. I might be a mick but i'm no mikey!

Clams said...

Franco reminds me of Harvy Keitel

Shipworm&Gribble said...

a safe place otherwise but mick cups is kinda dope. can u believe they're remaking bad lt? franco reminds me of nic cage now!