Wednesday, April 30, 2008

East River Highlanding

Jesus was a carpenter but Bubbie's building the steps...

Good on ya Deck!

Checkout the used Pavel 'Otter' that came in over the weekend all the way from Rhode Island. It has an abbreviated stringer and scooped out deck for added flex similar to a Pendoflex. 7'2" x 22" x 3" ($OLD! to Mike Michaels...)

Jah Bless keepin' it green

Moose is hittin' it yo...

Big Dog Bacon Burgers on Glazed Donuts....YUM!

pic courtesy of Chef Wacht
More XCEL rubber came in this afternoon...4/3's, boots and gloves.

DVD madness!
-The complete Gidget collection-2 disc set featuring Gidget, Gidget goes to Hawaii and Gidget Goes to Rome!
-Captain Surf (1983 Dave Natal, EPIC Tom Curren footy)
-A Walk on the West Siiiiiide (Dale Davis)

-A Sunshine Sea
-The Cosmic Children
-Mark Richards Tapes
-5 Summer Stories
-North Shore
-Endless Summer
-Slippery When Wet
-Surfing Hollow Days

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