Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knockout Drops

There's an interview with Australian shaper Dain Thomas on Newyorksurf with some fotos by Andrew Kidman

Many of you heard about FM Boros life-saving incident earlier this week. Much respect cuz! Don't forget ya brother or sister in the shorey. Homeboy graduates law school in a week and has decided to spend his summer patroling Badland Beach from 1st street to Irish Point. Mitch Buchanan would be proud. A few pix from the mid-week tour...

Checkout Curious Gabe's intv on National Geographic's Adventure Life blog. Can you identify the Molluskians in this collage?

Mikey Singles sent this jazzy text after the AM sesh:

“Today was so much fun. I like surfing with those dudes (Clams, the Swiss and FMB) Jon Bless is the man, we would give each other waves and shit. Everyone was hooting each other. I live for days like today”


Geoff McFetridge's Bury Me in the Sand show opens tomorrow night at Mollusk SF, 7-10pm. Records by DJ Trace Marshall. See more of Geoff's art at Solitary Arts.

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