Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just Like A Sailor

Apparently Josh Hall's drinking team has a surfing problem but he still managed to shape us three Long Fish Simmons quads (6'8", 7'1", 8'1") and a 5'9" twin keel! Headed for The Moonlight on Monday and in town sooner than you think. Thanks JH!

Kustom for ill photog Ari Macropoulos...

'prime parking'

Speaking of San Diego, two Caspers are in transit from Swift HQ and should be here....Friday? Monday? There's a 5'6" shallow-swallow and a 6'0" OG Simmons (the size Bob reportedly rode.) Come Friday nite ain't a damn thing funny....RK will be in town collecting...

Joseph I. Sockets aka Joey Scallops aka Clams Casino rolls hard body w/Simmons replica

TUFF TUESDAYS 2nite at Bembe!
81 South 6th at Berry
Jon Bless and Chad Dubz (son of Sid 'the package' Abruzzi....no joke!) inna conscious dancehall style.......10pm, check de clip

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