Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twice A Night Six Times A Week

Found these fotos on the Gribble cam Tuesday, I think Santa took them. It's ok everybody does it. The 7th Beatle (Tom Curren is the 5th, Dubstar the 6th) pirating the 5'3 Larmo keel's nose for some kustom action. He and Clams are shaping me a 5'10 channel bottomed twin keel that also functions as a 6'4 pannel-channel bottom thruster AND a 6'7 channel bottom widow-maker!

Notorious 5'5 Larmo Magic Karpet keel aka 'best board in the shop (w/8'1 Parrish, 7'2 Hess Noriega, 6'4 Mabile beefy thruster, etc)' by Swift and legendary French honey-mooner soon to be surfing it in the Bretagne region and beyond! The Magic Carpet was allegedly co-designed by Mr. Mabile and Professor Richard Gloomenthal, hmm...

China Ty malt schmaltz time!

If Ian Cairns ate this slice of La Nonna he'd appreciate NY pizza and a Lanty sponsorship more!

Sometime employee Andy the Kat merch wilding

-Diji Gil's Jacques Detergent along with the Mad Scene are at Secret Project Robot on Sunday, 6:30pm...ends early. GO!

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ShipwormAndGribble said...

Andy the Kat was tragically hit by a car last night, her body found along Kent Ave in front of the NEKST fill- in. REST IN KITTY POWER!