Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Words Of The Prophets Written On The Subway Walls

Campbell Brothers'Bonzers JOJ from Moonbase Central! A fish, an egg a not featured 6'6" Russ Short and a couple of high performance Bonza Fives for those wishing to step-up they GAMESON! Speaking of which, howz da conde kine Bubbie fotos?

5'10 Campbell Bros Octafish w/glass on bamboos

6'4 Bonzer-5 w/bamboos (Don't blow it Marty!)

6'6 Bonzer-5

6'8 Bonzer-5 Eggy

RK and TA just got back from their pure-planing Baja trip, checkout the Coinstar Chronicles on the Hydrodynamica blog for some next level way it was, is and always will be footy. Frank White St Nick's in the Park Tuff HB Respect!

Brody of KnowMoreProdcutions fame rolled by to show off a not-so-recent tat and chat up the new Animal Collective vid the crew did...


Jon said...
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JON BLE$$ said...

buy the egg!!

AC said...
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Clams said...

Dude Brody's ass tattoo is effin hilarious.