Monday, January 5, 2009

The Return of Mustache Pete

Best XMAS gift aside from the head hi in-and-out XMAS swell....courtesy of Nuno Glide Lines...

Rikky the Rocker has been on sabbatical in FLA. where he's eating very tasty-looking tacos...

Phil Reubenstein chair-lift, shaka, little bit of meat, little bit of cabbage and a whole lotta mustard!

Rocker Rikky reppin old skool Spectrum styles...Steve Forstall?

BVD Basel find

Duncan C. and Local Dave inna Haleiwa Bonzah Style!


Gnar Jen said...

Rad but no hitler mustache?!
I live on the beach in FL and I'm sure you friend is enjoying the weather, it can't seem to get below 70 here!

Ron Jon da Don said...

maybe theres no day of the week dedicated to hitler.

yo local dave chutney gets around like when chuck norris breaks wind man, that sh@t stays broken!