Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Power Source

Small kine weekend fade away.

The pit crew getting ready for the Makers Market this weekend.
Serena brainstorming and overseeing the operation.
J.O.J. board load up to the max.
Andreini styles:
A key lime pie 6'1 2 +1 Bullet Stub. $850

A ketchup sash 6'10 Vaquero. $900. A real hotdog!

Ivory white 8'2 Vaquero. $800.

Cream puff tuff. 9'5 Spoon. $1,075.

Cool blue. 9'2 Sam. $1,125.

Fineline kine.
Lightly tanned. 6'6 Egg. $750.

Winter fresh. 6'10 Egg. $750.

 The Grey Poupon. 7'2 Egg. $775.
Eggplant parm. 9'1 Corsair. $880.

Peppermint ice cream. 7'6 Egg. $775.

Eat your heart out!


EditorialBoard said...

Oh! that little red vaquero looks rad.

scott meyers said...
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