Friday, June 24, 2011

Super Heavy

Wa Dem A Do. Small kine wind swell building for the weekend warriors.
    ***MAJOR PSA***
Tuesday evening (6/28) River St / Mollusk NYC will be in effect with a special DJ block party set by Avey Tare aka Dave Portner of Animal Collective fame. Homeboy will be throwing down on the 1's & 2's on the dock, projections on the big screen, and cupped beverages will be in order. Party jumps off around 8PM till late. Come correct!!!!
 J.O.J. board load up...
Fineline kine....
6'3 - 2 +1 -$old

 6'6 - 2+1 - $775

 9'5 - D Fin - t.b.d. - inquire!!!

 Anderson kine!
9'3 Farberow 2 - $985

 9'6 Brothers Marshall - $1025
 9'4 Farberow 2 - $970

Welcome to the team! KiKi co-captain and Fyah Island underground livin' Quinn will be holdin' down some shifts in the shop and shredin' the pavement. 

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El Meezy said...

How much for the Fineline pig?