Thursday, August 21, 2008

Strictly Funboarding

JH sent a mysterious email last month with the image below attached. I didn't ask questions. This past weekend Adam M. Ant was seen blazing a lo-tide speedy shorey on a friend's Fineline MP. Small talk turned HB and a nebulus question regarding HULLTASTIC VOYAGE appeared in the line-up. GTF out of here!?!? Kendall Rossi too!?!? Kustomers gone MENTHULL. Please don't sue! or sew?

Jake Bee of Hi-Shred fame sent this one from the roads South and West. While Western, KLM has been pimpin' the Mystery Mobile w/broken turn signals and Florida plates for disguise. Beware Miami Fade, Smallahassle, West Calm Beach and Sorrysota!

-More BIRDIES! Keepin' it colorful
-Crystal Voyager DVD re-stocks. ESSENTIAL GREENOUGH!


AshHole said...

easy on the sorrysota yo! We are growing in numbers, taking over this ant hill.

JON BLE$$ said...

picture ashy and jb hanging toes on mayo logs. siiiiiiiiiick.

AshHole said...

slide left thursday

Shipworm&Gribble said...

Maybe taking over the set of Flipper. ..Picture Bob's Big Boy opening on Bedford!

AshHole said...

We will be open tomorrow night post Mollusk closing biatttttccchhh!!