Friday, October 31, 2008

Avenue J Styles

The last couple of swells mixed with winter's imminence and tropical thought has prompted some to step up they game...

AJ aka PJ and 7'2 Brewah thrustah

Toe Man has a tendency of buying the best boards in the shop. Here he is with the 6'7 Reno kine single...HB to the MAX!

JW Clams rang Thursday afternoon from legendary Midwood pizzeria DiFaro's and asked what I wanted to drink. "Why you playing HA? Aight, take a picture of the Old Man cutting the basil over a fresh pie." Minutes later this came out of the oven and Domenico DeMarco broke out his plants!

'Square Pie Joe' tuffer than leather 210 transport


First slice...

Last slice and a half

Top 5 pies in de 5 Boros, thanks ta J Mussels & Chris Kaiser for sorting it out. Tuff Respect!


Deepism said...
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Deepism said...


Ohh, now that's a cat I haven't seen up in a while.

Dom doing his thing, holmes is a living legend. Yo Clams, next time call me and I'll race over. Best 'za in NYC!!!

Directions from his "website": Exit station, turn left, walk a half a block. << Classic. A man of little words and fine product.

youngman said...

can you send one down here, you're making us homesick

warm jet said...

Damn I miss NYC food.
That pie has me drOOOlin.

Adam said...

that slice looks like the chunks of brain left over in Jules' fro!