Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weird in Purple

The phone rings every fourth minute at Mollusk and some of those calls are about used boards which we rarely have. But check this barely used 5'9 Josh Hall keel kine shredder with San Diego edgy rails. $650

Another edge board that came in this week, although brand-new: 6'4 Micro Dirt from Mr. Brian Hilbers of Fineline Surfboards. I don't think Esteban surfs any more due to a chronic injury but much shredding is still done in his name and honor. Dorito might call this one fascist...

6'1 McCopy thruster from the Canoga area. 6'1 or nuthin son...

6'6 McCopy w/glass ons or go home

Fineline Avenger w/glass on single

super windy so mark e hadda hold it down!

Mark Evans brought his version of The Six Nine Skip Frye Long Fish that Bob Mitzen has been making for Swift and we've been obsessing over, although Mark E's is Six Ten.

Shaping King Tom Parrish called the shop today to discuss color and ETA of soon to be full on mental in the winter shorey shredder kine


dorado said...

Dorado Might call this one spin out city for the uninitiated

Shipworm&Gribble said...

Yo keep it Cool Ranch!