Thursday, October 2, 2008

Roeg Waves

Tommy Snapwater sent these from the weekend...

Josh Goetz

OG Scott Collins

somebody put this on the dock

Ricky Rocker w/5'10 Mabile keel

UK Dan w/6'2 Mabile Twinzer. Put the fins on the other way!

Is that Josh Hall reading?

Johnny and Zeb keepin it HB w/ 7'6 Josh Hall Long Fish Simmons

4 o'clock goute!


pushingtide said...

Fuck yeah Snapwater!!!!

buttons said...

snap doin' it big on land and in the water! respect!

Franco S. Boroughs said...

shout out to tommy snaps fresh likea mourtadella

hf said...
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Mr. Lentini said...

that was a yummy weekend