Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abundance: In A Wave

Runnin favors with Tommy Clocks last nite at the Fuel Bathhouse for a skatey show featuring a crucial installation by Soul Artist of the Real NYC, Andrew Kessler.

NYC Hx via Kess, Tommy Clocks foto*

From DANO to Parrish to Peters...

San Diego souvenir: Picturesque Word Origins. Read up!

The Domino Dancer was spotted sporting a Molluskine tote earlier this afternoon

Mickey seemed sad this morn

Lasagna for Four at Casa Blackpool. Nice greens s'onions!

OG-BK babe Rita Hayworth

OG-BK Prophet: Got lost in Brooklyn so you hadda lose it


Kyle said...

Gotta love Jeru fo rilly real and that ill Keith Meek Slasher... better than peenutz butta and jellie.

fdavid said...

Alright the paparazzi shot is pretty funny. Hello from the man himself! = )

pushingtide said...

Jeru, none better son.

glider said...

that Kessler display was incredible- some great shots!!!

Mr. Lentini said...

kessler holds it down--but dont forget lentini had one measly photo in that show--and it was a shot in brooklyn none the less--right at the bus depot in the burgh pre 99

Erik Hakon Olson (EHO) said...

The Shelly Manne Infinity sample used in Come Clean is one of my favorite breaks and a blast back to my New York days. Nice one.