Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dearest Poly-Pro/Ams

Couple Josh Halls JOJ from Moonlight today, a 7'11 Long Fish Simmons quad and a 10' square tail with glass on fin. Serious craftspeople-ship on these gems!

Seven Eleven

Ten foot JH square tail w/glass on fin

Huey was in full force last week and into the weekend. Way over-exposed and still only a couple kats out...

Joey Clams shucking a Five Towns lip

Jesus Shaves

HA and the rolled rails

Bubba inna Big Dog XXXL style

5'6 Sim Fish heading East w/Jon Tearrrrrrney

EZ Dee inna Bonzerworld spirit

Miles, Cornelius and Alden Reid Blackpool

BVD getting coiffed at Swift Body Studios. Pix courtesy of Patdick Trefz

Vache Frere wylin Uptown

Like peeping a head high set...

Bobby El's sent these from Barbados

Wicked batch of polarized Costalots courtesy of Main Man Matt:

Old/New DVD Re-Stocks:
-Musica Surfica
-Bustin Down the Door
-5th Symphony Document (NEW)
-City Fog (NEW)
-Longboard Habit (NEW)
-Super Slide
-The Far Shore
-Chasing the Lotus
-Zen and Zero


Kyle said...

Sane Smith... ohhh yeah...

Shipworm&Gribble said...
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buttons said...

everybody get ya roll on!

dorado said...

Vanilla Ice bought another board? Ive yet to see him actually ride a wave yet .... more dollars than sense ....