Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swimming With Turnips

Fun mysto sessions to be had yesterday and today with a posssible micro-mini-line in the morn. The flow is the go!

Bobby El and kustom GG shred-egg

Arty lamwork by his son Jack who's like 4 I think. Not bad, eh?

Keep it real on a keel or just reap the keel

Evening sky

Had a NY Surf Film Festival meeting at China Ty's place the other nite and got re-acquainted with his 9'6 John Hannon, arguably the first shaper in NY. Hull components in conjunction with a flexy fin on this one...

Donnie Q. as remembered from the notorious Breuer Brothers Parties (Hot Tub view)

JMJ & AK vinyl pin ups

Cork Carroll LP, 'A Surfer For President'

City lights as blurred from Adam Camaro's IROC-Z station wagon

Big dude shredder, Vaquero afficionado and NY Surf Film judge Richard Phillips is having an opening of new paintings tomorrow nite at Gagosian (Madison at 77th St.) 6-8pm. Bring it!


AC said...

You should've seen the old 911 Impala

Shipworm&Gribble said...

ice cube styles!

Tyler said...

You forgot to mention to stay outta tha way when someone is riding the Hannon! The thing just plows through everything in it's way.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

HO! Da Hannon eats china boards like for fun brah

Tyler said...

China boards are appetizers. The Hannon likes to feast on shiny new expensive surfboards for the main course! Grrrrrr!

John M. said...

"get lost, pal"

Kyle said...

When you are scoping out the Richard Phillips section on the Gagosian website, peep Cy's work as well. Certified genius and painterly beautician... Boy I love Twombly's work. Also, cat must be in his 80's now... "J'ai fait juste un bisou. C'est un geste d'amour, quand je l'ai embrassé, je n'ai pas réfléchi, je pensais que l'artiste, il aurait compris... Ce geste était un acte artistique provoqué par le pouvoir de l'art"

Toddy said...

One of the judges shows at Gagosian? Oi, New York surfing is a funny, mysterious thing.