Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesdaze Mix

lovley looking garbaaaaaage
sometimes swells are spotted in the east river. composers john cage, morton feldman and christian wolf lived in those apartments across the way

ms. hannah looking beautiful as always

longtime Gilgoer Jay Natuzzi, reppin his new copy of Morning of the Earth and visualizing MP-like cutties. Jay's a classic character of Total Involvement in the transition era and beyond. He bought Litmus one week and then came in the next with a Galaxie 500 cd. At 50-something he's still very much open to the new and now. He's got a shaping room in the works too.

Jay's friend John securing the 8'10" Andreini Vaquero to his ruff even though airplane wings go in the trunk

this nice Norwegian fella stopped by on his way home from Panama, picked up a couple of XCELs for himself and his lady and this Faktion twin keel. they drive 5 hours each weekend to surf cold crisp Ibsen-esque points. talk about dedication!

2 Junod single fins and a log will be here Thursday and Mandala quad fish and stubbies Friday.

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Nuno said...

Vaqueros should come with a copy of "Morning of the Earth" as a User's Manual...