Thursday, December 6, 2007

Curious Eggs (and such)

Curious Gabe Sullivan will be at the shop tomorrow afternoon to field questions for his Surfer magazine column. If you'd like to be photographed and interogated, stop by around 3:30 for the late arvo light.

Nice afternoon hull dynamics tutorial from Mr. Fineline, Brian Hilbers. Here's the last of his boards in stock, a 6'8" avocado eggy single, ($OLD!).

210 Kent Ave
BK, NY 11211
L to Bedford

6:30 Update: madddddbooks and deeveedeez arrived for your holiday shopping/cold winter day needs...
-Bunker/Brewer/Steyck book back in stock!
-Glen E. Friedman 'F*ck You Heroes'
-Raymond Pettibon 'Whatever it is you're looking for...'
-'Disposable: Hx of Sk8 Art' back in stock! This book is dope.
-'Concrete To Canvas: More Sk8boarders Art' book w/ cover art
-'Dogtown: Legend of Z-Boyz' by Stecyk and Friedman
-Surfing Hollow Days (Bruce Brown)
-Barefoot Adventure (B.Brown)
-Waterlogged (B.Brown)
-Endless Summer (Brown)
-Tubular Swells w/Day in the life of Wayne Lynch (Hoole/McCoy)
-Siestas and Olas (Wozniak)
-StormRiders (McCoy)
-Liquid Stage (Bovee)
-Surfing For Life (David L. Brown)
-Woody Brown: Of Wind and Waves (David Brown)
-Filthy Habits (Billabong)
-5 Summer Stories (Mac-Freeman)
-A Sea For Yourself (Jepson)
-Runman2 VHS (Runman Productions)
-Ticket to Ride (Soderberg)
-Ocean Fever (Soderberg)
-Children of the Sun(McAlpine)
-Golden Breed (Dale Davis)
-Invasion from Planet C (Mike Black)
-Lost in Costa Rica (Wohrman)
-Trippin in Costa Rica (Wohrman)
- - - - - - -- - - - --------- - - - - --- - - -
*4 boards from SWIFT were shipped today and will be here next week!
-5'5" Larry Mabile Magic Carpet w/Geppys and cafe aux lait tint
-5'11" Larmo Magic Carpet w/Geppys and lemon tint
-6'9" Bob Mitzen Long Fish w/ Geppys and root beer tint
-7'6" Larmo Whale Fish quad w/coke bottle green tint
))))))))))))))))))ok, Pau for nizzzzzzzzzow...

1 comment:

Toddy said...

Big Jack Mullis was once in that Curious Gabe column.
He made it sound like it was all happenstance, but I bet he heard Curious Gabe was going to be at some shop at some time and planned it all out right and good.
Damn that Jack sure knows how to play it cool.

If I come and get asked and photo'd I will try to play it cool too. Mostly because Jack will make fun of me if I don't.