Monday, December 17, 2007

Swift Kine Exe

Wicked batch JOJ from SWIFT!!!!

7'6" longgggg quad fish shaped by Larry Mabile

5'11" Magic Carpet w/ glass on Geppys shaped by Larrrrrrmmmmow

6'9" Bob Mitzven longgggg fish w/ glass on Geppys

5'5" Larry Mabile Magic Carpet w/glass on Geppys (based off the original Lis fish*)

avail. at molluskine, 210 kent ave bk, ny 11211. (718) 218-7456.

Finelines tomorrow!


Nuno said...

fuck dudes! this is indecent...

tsss tsss


IllyBlunt said...

Lucky for me I didn't see the Mabile last night.