Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kidman Blows Off NYC

After exploiting NYC in a recent Surfer's Journal piece, Down Under scoundrel-extraordinaire Andrew Kidman cancels the New York leg of his ETHER tour. To quote Mike Hunt, "what a kunnnnnnn"...For those of you who've pre-ordered thru the shop, Joey Clams is already after this villain. Your books will be signed and fingerprinted by the bagel refugee himself if it's the last one he butters. We'll have extra copies in the shop so no worries all 'round. Just might need to hook-up an in haus tourne-disque to listen to the Ank/NPJR instrumental 10" counterfeit edition of 1050, "out of focus and in focus" falling off a truck soon...


Kirk said...

Yo, Yo, Yo, the spew vinyl is melting on the Cali turntables as we speak. NY is it snowin' there right now? Outside here - sun's shining, temp 70's, surf's pumping and I'm in fucken Compton, dodging bullets and signing these books. Go to hell, I'll be here waiting for you'se - the aussie scoundrel

Shipworm&Gribble said...

Well, they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night
And they blew up his house, too
Down on the boardwalk they're ready for a fight
Gonna see what them racket boys can do

Now there's trouble busin' in from outta state
And the D.A. can't get no relief
Gonna be a rumble on the promenade
And the gamblin' commission's hangin' on by the skin of its teeth

Everything dies, baby that's a fact
But maybe everything that dies some day comes back
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
And meet me tonight in Atlantic City