Friday, December 21, 2007

Foto Friday

Couple o'Eco decks Nathaniel Russell did for Comet skateboards, "Ye Old Cosmic Shred" and "Shred City" came in last nite. (poached pix above, respect!) The shredddddddddd is ON! Sikhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

magic mollusk mid-arvo light:

8'0" Fineline egg ($OLD)

5'11" Mandala Stub with bamboo glass ons ($875)

mellow yellows...

Andy Kessler 'Never been Pro' complete with Indy trux and 60mm Spitfyahs ($155)

Clams sortin out the Junod

9'6" Michel Junod pintail w/glass on fin

very slightly used Cooperfish...

9'5"Cooperfish Vail noserider w/glass on fin


Tally Ho Ho Ho!