Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Save The Bowl

The Autumn Bowl is in trouble and needs OUR Help!
Dave Sims speaks:

We just recieved an eviction notice from the landlord at the warehouse. The total amount we owe is $13,475.48. As of a few months ago, we owed a little over $24,000 dollars and we have been chipping away at it. But now the landlord wants the balance within 5 days... or he is taking possession of the warehouse. in short, NO MORE BOWL.

We've been paying off the rent with a couple of fundraisers and donations but every month we are charged a 10% late fee on our overdue balance.. for example when we owe $24,000 our late charge every month was $2400 dollars. We could do more events, but at this point, we have no more time. So the only way in which we can keep the bowl open is from donations from our immediate keyholding network. At this time, we have 56 keyholding groups, if every group of people can put up $200 we can raise $11,200. If we can all agree to do this, I will pay the remaining balance of the remaining balance and we will be FREE AND CLEAR. If we can not all agree to do this, there will be no bowl after Christmas.

The new credit card system, we implemented has worked great for the past 2 months. But our prior debt keeps on haunting us, if we can clear up this matter, we have enough current keyholders to keep rent uptodate in the future. Please email me if you are down to support the bowl. If I can get at least 50 keyholders I can charge the credit card on file, if I get under 50, I will not charge anybody and we will give up possession of the warehouse. I need everyone's response immediately weather or not you can donate. Email me back YES or NO. If anyone has the means the donate more, or can raise money in some other way within the next couple of days.. i.e. sponsorship etc, etc... please let me know. Time is of the essense.

Thank you,

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