Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nice Mug

A most stoking satchel of Birdwell teeshirts arrived featuring Birdie in a number of lovable situations. These nice mugs were also in the box so you can start your day with that special BBBBBirdie shineeeee. As Honey Bear once put it, 'if you're ever feeling bummed just look at the Birdwell catalog.'

Junods are here. The log is a 9'6" pintail (that's just your Oklahoma attitude, everybody knows pintails hold better in the pocket' -matt johnson to leroy) with glass on fin and burnt orange tint. Clams called trippin' on the 7'4" pintail w/yellow resin wrap, red pins and tmoe logo. Heaps of Junod tmoe-logo'd tees for guys and gals.

Mandalas should be here verrrrrry sooooo...........5:20 update: MANDALAS ARE HERE!!!!!!

New Books:
-Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel
-Art Forms from the Ocean, Haeckel
-Surf Fever, photos by John Severson
-Photo: Grannis

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John said...

"I think I'll throw my food on you." :)