Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Liddle More

Lots of interest regarding Greg Liddle displacement hulls. For anyone interested in (a kustom) one, ring (718-218-7456) or email ( us at the shop. Mr. Liddle will ship two per box, paid in advance for his lovely efforts, thanks in advance. Shiz is serious yo...

"most folks in ca that have ridden these boards for years that are (reference: 6'0" and weigh 185) ride 7'4" to 7'6" single fin point breakers in surf from knee to a foot or two overhead."

-C.Liddle via eee

you lose some of the design if you go too short...

7'4, 7'6", 7'11" and...????

with rubber, boots and gloves?

hulls push water
when paddling too

watch out mothers
Liddle's gone strictly stock single for 2008

edge control or else

'It was 1974, and I watched Miki Dora rip six-foot Malibu in one of his very last sessions there. Later that day, near the end of the wall, watching 'Da Cat' with his short john pulled halfway down, rinsing off under the single shower head I noticed his board was a Liddle 7'6" egg neatly tucked under his arm.'

-Rob Rinaldi (stubbies, pg. 97. tsj vol 15, #2)

remember funboarding...

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funboarding is the illest yo.