Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Michael Halsband's SURF MOVIE: Reels 1-14 2NITE at 8pm!

And in the Shop:

are you experienced?
total involvement and
mind machines
in the
transition era

an exhibition of surfboards presented by
mollusk surf shop nyc
and curated by
michael machemer and john m schultz
october two thousand seven

You started hearing these shorter board things: “Shorter boards- what do you mean? No one’s hanging ten?” It’s like, “What’s going on?” So you’re sitting in a war zone going, “Oh, god, all I want to do is surf and now…you don’t hang ten anymore?” That played a lot of havoc with the brain.

-Pat Farley
In Country : Veteran Surfers Remember Vietnam
The Surfer’s Journal, Vol.16, No. 4, 2007, Pg. 70

Mollusk Surf Shop
210 Kent Ave
Williamsburgh, Brooklyn NY 11211

(p.s. NinePlus 3/2's for men and women are in!)


Toddy said...

So very sorry I missed it.
I'll be by to see the boards though.
Thanks again for a much needed service.

Toddy said...

Thanks for the show. Its interesting to see those shapes and think about the possibilities. Basically, it makes shaping seem like a totally plausible pastime.