Tuesday, October 23, 2007

StubBorn in the USA

Mani called this morn to rub in that Ocean Beach was overhead and glassy once again. Yeah yeah yeah, we had overhead waves these weekend too (and more on tap.) Hold it now, LI ain't OB that's for sure but certain places do possess OB-like characteristics. Then again, not even braaaaa, ha! Anyways getting back to it, Mani was talking about pushing his sub-6 foot stubbies in up to double-overhead macking surf. Hmm, about as big as it gets here. Something to think about next time you're pulling a board from the rafters or rack...

5'9" Stubbie with bamboo glass on and background bolt power reflected.

Hollahide streetside stubb romance: 5'11" Round Pin 2+1. 16" nose, 20.5" wide, 15" tail, 2.5"thick


pranaglider said...

Those Mani stubbies are fantastic!

Shipworm&Gribble said...

fantastic indeed!