Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rain In The Cast

Hmm shit, it's looking like rain Thursday night for the Weisbecker book signing/Zen and Zero screening. As a result we've designated a rain date which will be next Thursday October 18th, same time same place.

We'll make the call tomorrow afternoon and let ya'll know. A part of us considered being super cavalier about it and holding it regardless of rain but what makes these screenings so enjoyable is the outdoor vibe, bbq, and slappy clinic. The sand is (beneath) the concrete.

Anyways, rolled up this arvo to a small batch of Swifts.--A fully bladed 5'9" militant green-tinted Daniel Thompson flying fish w/signed Geppy's arrived along with a 6'0" white-tinted Andrew Kidman diamond tail. China Ty's (who might need a new nickname now) 6'6" Mitzven quad was also in that box, just in time for the recently cancelled knish-kontest.

Honey Bear was in town from SF by way of Boston, shredding the proverbial gnar while Curious Gabe happened upon us and considered lighting options and mic-sound. Bubbie was out of the Conde clutch, terroring the streets on the Kessler Soul Artists of (the f-ing real) Zoo York in-haus skate. Get caned!


Toddy said...

Couldn't be happier if it soaks through tar.
I was bummed to have to miss the date.
Next Thursday will be fine with at least one of us.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

right on toddy! yo bring the fam on thursday