Friday, October 19, 2007

Banks and Dumpsters

Toddy of Endlessbummerny made this clip of last nite's Weisbecker/Zen and Zero event. Check it at Later that evening on an around the block speed-run Toddy came running out of Duff's and asked to borrow a skateboard, busted a few stylish crouch-carves down the middle of Kent and almost got hit by a car. He was in flip-flops too. Killer vid keep shreddin'!!!
(p.s. the guy from Zebulon came in yesterday for Birdies)


Toddy said...

Wow. A shout out. Thats rad. Man, I remember skating, barely pulling a floundering hands down powerslide and then feeling mighty sheepish the next morning. Say, tone it down on the "almost got hit by a car" thing, if my wife gets wind of these shenanigans she'll kill me.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

sorry dude, don't wanna git ya in trouble with the missus. just one man's perspective poetic!

Toddy said...

Heh heh.