Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Star Above The Manger

Booyah! Hollow Huey in town this morn sharing his love and stoke with those who reached out. It ain't OB but it still tubes! Speaking of that dreaded back-breaking beachie, Mr. Mandala wanted to clarify a few things from yesterdaze post:

"O.B. was well overhead and offshore and perfect, with twin bikini models on the beach playing slow motion..."

Bikinis in October in SF!?!? RADICAL!

While we're talking about California, the new Jason Baffa/Mark Jeremias film ONE CALIFORNIA DAY will be screened on November 6th at 7:30 and 9:30pm at the Anthology Film Archives: 32 Second Ave, NYC (212) 505-5181. Many of you have already seen the trailer check it here if not:

Much strength of faith and hope to everyone in California during this trying period of natural disaster.

Remember the dinosaurs...


John said...

Wednesday afternoon was magic at Gilgo as the incoming tide boosted a head high swell into hollow overheads. I'm still smiling about it this morn.

lif3syle said...

John, I can only imagine what it was like when you were there, because by the time I got out of work and down to Gilgo it was 5:45. Still hollow and fun despite the super high tide and extreme backwash off the sand wall. I'm still grinning as well!