Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shackle Me Not

Jon Bless (red shirt, red socks, red Nike's) of Moa Anbessa Sound System stopped by last nite with the raddest gift for the shop, this launch ramp below. The night fell upon us with Tecates and later Black and Tan's courtesy of local style-bandit Everard. Later inside it appeared as if the MP's foil was closer to that of a Liddle than initially experienced. Aloha in the city, Aloha from the city...

1 jbless up
2 clams on the lip
3 dutch
4 monster


pushingtide said...

Jon Bless is the best name.

Irie, seen. Cool dek and ramp.

christopher said...

when i met john and hung with him for 1/2 a day I thought..geez this guy is the sweetest thing on two feet..then I got his last name and it all made sense! serious bless! wicked and crucial giver if there ever was one....xo mister