Monday, October 15, 2007

a Newspaper on the Subway

Managed a jones-fighting super small, barely there kine session on Friday with lord Bubbie, hallucinating wavos in the west. In need of some surfy visualization, a couple of rare DVD's appeared this morn:

George Greenough's 1972 cult classic 'Crystal Voyager' w/'Echoes' short scored by Pink Floyd. Imported from OZ* Essential Pick!

Dick Hoole's 1975 classic 'Tubular Swells' featuring Fitzy, MR, Rabbit, Shaun, MP, McCabe, PT, also w/ 'A Day in the life of Wayne Lynch' short! For all goofy surf encyclos.

Jack McCoy's 80's epic 'Stormriders' featuring rad footy of Jim Banks, Lynch and Maurice Cole also w/ 'Kong Island.' Know Elko!

Calling ya'll upside down shredders: Sticky Bumps ultra-sticky 'TOUR' series wax is in. Mad tacky yo...

The Weisbecker book-signing/Zen and Zero screening has been re-scheduled to this Thursday the 18th at 8:30 pm! Brought to you by Surfrider NYC and Mollusk.

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