Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thursday Friday Hueydays

Huey's been in town since Thursday reppin' mysto-swell joy for the inclined. How's the seahorse Mikey Singles found at Puffkats Friday morn? Nieuwe Beelding!

Splitting peaks before work...that's Mar(ine)ty about to get militant on a left. Homeboy managed 3 sessions and a full day of work! Who surfs more than he does? No half-steppin' for the married w/kids set!

the Badlands looking rather inviting. Nowhere to park, nobody out and more broken 40's than the Compton Swapmeat...

*fotos courtesy of FM Boros
Congratulations to Kyle DeepDeep proud papa of child number 3? or is that 4? damn ha represent!


Deep Deep said...

Me like the Badlands. Private sessions ina run-down styleeeeeee.

youngman said...

dems my locs, beam me home