Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some Otherness

Some cool stuff going down at Secret Project Robot this week! Last nite we took turns checking out the OTHER PAINTING opening next door after the vibrational chant of Lights nearly caused a board to fall! Seeeeekness...

Extended gallery hours-
Open everyday from March 22nd - 30th from 1 to 7pm (*closed Wednesday the 26th)
Secret Project Robot and Live With Animals
210 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

New York / Tokyo - PEPPER'S PROJECT, a Tokyo-based gallery and art project, is pleased to present a group exhibition, OTHER PAINTING - Japanese Emerging Artists' Painting Exhibition, at four different locations throughout Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It will showcase 19 young Japanese emerging artists, representing new movement of paintings in Japan.
This project started at Pepper's Gallery, Tokyo, in June 2007. A curator and assistant director of Pepper's Gallery, Asuki, thinks that there is a new movement in painting in the current art scene. This new scene has been happening internationally and he finds his interest especially in younger generation of Japanese Artists and curated a series of group exhibition called OTHER

Yu Hashiguchi
Yoshikazu Sakanashi
Tomohilo Shimizu
Sheena Koguchi Williams
Ruriko Torii
Kosuge Yohei
Tomomi Koizumi
Asami Isojima
Honda Kazuhiro
Misuzu Noma
Hisako Akagi
Minato Abe

pix from the inbox...

the other westside, mid-March. (courtesy of F. Luis Santos)

n'eastside and not where you think. mid-Feb, Jake B. avec Junod single (pic courtesy of Victor)

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