Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Malibu Knights

RK's been sending stills....Daniel Thompson planes a 9'0" balsa Simmons dual fin replica shaped by Mr. Terry Martin...outer san diego

Simmons confidante and 'Enigma of...' author, John Elwell...

Those who got in the way and did not heed their abusive warnings were rammed. Chapin evidently got away with it. Simmons was dunked and beaten up in Malibu, punched down at San Onofre and stoned on the trail to Palos Verdes Cove. He returned in the evening with an axe and drove it into some paddleboards that were lying around; ostensibly belonging to the stoners.
Vandalism to the boards on his car by Palos Verdes surfers occurred in retaliation. It's interesting to note that Mickey Dora, who became well-known for shoving people out of his way later on at Malibu, may have learned his attitude from his step father Gard and Bob Simmons.
-J. Elwell

RK and balsa vacancy...

down the line
Comparative curves

*hydrodynamica test pilot series

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