Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Radio Car Raced Up Metropolitan

Been reading Peter Maas' Serpico on the A lately and came across some weird beardedness:

" the afternoon he dozed off and had a dream. In the dream all the policemen in the city were hippies with beards and long hair and love beads. Two hippie cops stood on Madison Avenue and watched a neatly trimmed man pass by, and one of them said to the other, "How can a guy walk around with a haircut like that?"
(pg. 130)

"...if he was working a ghetto, getting the feel of it, searching for policy operations, he would let his hair grow long, his mustache and beard equally unkempt..."
(pg. 154)

"Here's one for ya pansies. bet you're on the socks" says Andrew Kessler in vertical shred/long hair mode circa 1978, Westbeth theater NYC...

B.B. Deebow, half Irish half Polish and always bustin' balls!

Werd son, got yo' shred on but don't forget to trim!

9'6" Michel Junod pintail w/glass on ($1100)

Bubbie and I hit up DANO's lask week which is housed in the old Contra/Wave Tools factory. Mad DANOS, Richie Collins trophies and Owl Chapman guns having their single fins re-placed. Remember Skeletor! Read a book at Sunset!

Strangely we're still reppin' these badboys...
9'6" DANO Nose Glider w/glass on fin ($1275)

9'9" DANO Old Pleasure w/glass on fin ($1275)....b/c pleasure never goes outta style!

210 kent avenue
the williamsburgh section of brooklyn, ny 11211
(corner of metropolitan and river street)

see ya in the shorey...