Monday, March 10, 2008

Angst Essen Seele Auf

...and so, the Ship took water late Friday nite during the storm, streams spilling through split ceiling beams dousing tees, towels and Captain Zero! Ahhhh, to be expected on the Sea or atleast by this River...

Just like a sailor, check the Paipo al Clams built in respect to Val and I Ching. Caprese in the shorey...


This kat walks by the shop daily with his dog strummin' his uke like Lorrin Harrison...

Local mechanics taking a look under the hood with cigar filling stuck to their fingers. The shoe-maker wears no shoes...

-more XCEL rubber this week, booties and 5/4's...
-Petro is coming tonight to pick up boards for repair and should be here around 7:30...
-more Fineline eggs, fish and hully kines on the way, GB, MP, etc.

bk- ny-11211
12-8pm daily


abaraya1972 said...

I always look for pleasure.
I am surprised to height of a sense every time.
I make a surfboard, too.↓

Viva Mollusk Surf Shop!
Thank you.

abaraya1972 from japan

Parallel Universe said...

Kia ora gentlemen!
Fassbinder references, Paipo goodness and uke strumming dogwalkers.
Always a pleasant surprise.
Keep it coming