Saturday, March 8, 2008

Flour for Bagels

"North Dakota wheat is bagel flour. I bet the bagel eaters in New York don't think of it that way. High-gluten, high-protein, flour for bagels. That crop is essentially sold out and we're only halfway through the marketing year.'
-Ed Usset, grain markets specialist University of Minnesota

Moonlight glassing is surfboard glassing. Bubbie and Dutchie made the pilgrimage to visit Peter, Sally and kitty on a recent Sunday. Unfortunately JP wasn't around but we noticed a Lou's Records sticker and wondered if it was his? Ridiculous boards foamy and glassed by Caro, Campbell, Frye, Hall, Hanel, Martin...epic. Lis fish and beefy thrusters in the loft, Russ Short grafitti, retro-fitted bamboozled bonzers for Machado and Knox and a phone call from Malcolm himself! Fuhgitaboutit good vibes, thanks again guys!

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Nuno said...

Yes, send them some bagels! :D