Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sheriff Is Back In Town

Ari Marcopoulos in vogue at the shop with his messenger bag that he recently designed with a pullout rain cover with lil' weezy's mug on it. HB to the max! If your in town show some love as the OHWOW book club is hosting a signing for his new book Stoopz on Tuesday September 21st from 6-8PM. Stoopz chronicles New York's vibrant skate scene in the 90's and the
colorful characters that were apart of it and the city that played host as the backdrop.

New to the queue...

6'2 Andreini Stubbie $975

Do the math, 2 + 1 = fun.

Hi- Aspect 6'0 Mako Twinnie. $895

6'2 Moontail Quad. $895

6'3 PF Flyer Thruster. $875

small waves need not apply.

daily 12- 8 PM.


Jeff said...

Just wondering if you guys sell any boards that are south of $875 and aren't painted like Easter Eggs? But boy aren't they pretty to look at.

robkulisek@gmail.com said...

I hear there's another shop in the metro vicinity that sells less expensive boards... i think they only have three in stock though.

Bubbie said...

Hey Jeff
If you scroll down a little you'll see a batch of amazing Maurice Cole thrusters for $650. (We only have the 5'10" metro left out of that batch) We Also get Finelines and Gary Hanels that are in the $750 range with resin Tints. Thanks